About Us

Connectme Promotions is a Internet marketing company founded by Zac Shull. We are based in the Philadelphia area. We created a unique mix of public relations, social media and great content to help you connect with your customers.



Connectme Promotions is an online promotions company. We specialize in social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube and more.

Social media for some is a tedious task, that must be done on a daily basis. For others they do not understand the impact of connecting with their customers via social media.

Connectme promotions can help promote your company and spread the word through word of mouth, guerrilla and social marketing. Does your online presence feel empty? Why not hire Connectme?

We can get you a real grass roots and organic customer base by connecting with online consumers. We keep your customers in touch with your business and also communicate directly with them. All the top corporations have departments devoted to social media so why don’t you?


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